Custom smart contracts

Who needs them?

Companies and individuals wishing to implement or transfer a part of their business logic onto a blockchain. Smart contracts are a great way to implement rules, conditions, triggers and limits related to a certain action, transaction, generation of an event, etc. Smart contracts can also establish a new cryptocurrency, store data, or communicate with one another. A single or hierarchical set of smart contracts can integrate a variety of business cases and processes.

What they do?

Smart contracts are persistent scripts written in the Solidity programming language and deployed on a blockchain. There is not much room for correcting them once the deployment takes place. For this reason, it is important for the developer to understand the client's requirements to be able to properly implement all the desired features.
After the initial development, all the contracts are tested on testing blockchains for flaws and irregular behavior. Once tested, the smart contracts are deployed on the “mainchain”. Afterwards, the complete documentation is handed to the client together with the source code.

General consultancy

Who needs it?

Founding teams of blockchain companies or developers of crypto-related software who need information on token economics, blockchain transactions, smart contracts, crypto payments, cryptocurrency creation, building first-rate crypto-related products or services, etc.

What we do?

We advise you on upgrading your existing product with blockchain features or provide you with the latest know-how on building new top-notch services or products. We help you conceptualize your product or service, audit technical instructions or smart contracts, make feasibility tests, optimize your product requirements, and help you determine the right specifications.
The scope of collaboration can be short- or long-term, requiring a single area of expertise or complex long-term product development. We combine knowledge on various fields such as know-how on blockchain, the tokenization process, token flow modelling and cryptocurrency tokenization, along with extensive experience in data storage, information exchange, transparency processes and implementation of legal requirements.

Smart contract auditing

Who needs it?

Code authors or clients who want their blockchain code audited by experienced blockchain developers. Ethereum smart contracts are pieces of programming code also known as persistent scripts. While it is quite easy and cheap to create and deploy them, they can be impossible to correct or even destroy after their deployment. They are built to last, which is why mistakes, flaws or misjudgments can have catastrophic consequences. Authors of new smart contracts often copy parts of code by previous authors, combining them and creating custom features but forgetting to test them.

What we do?

We test your smart contract code for vulnerabilities and bugs, thoroughly checking your desired features at edge cases and identifying potential irregular behavior. We also look into potential optimizations of your transaction costs, the number and volume of your transactions and even a potential separation of your data storage between the main and private blockchains. We aim to exploit your features to the maximum, looking for rounding errors, potential gas issues in cascading processes, etc.
A result of this check is a full report on the performed checks, along with confidential suggestions for optimization.